Zion is a 15 year old boy not to mention he is pretty short.He is one of the main character of Dragon Ball Raging Blast.


  • Bando- Zion's best friend.
  • Goku - Pretty much Zion's rival and also his grandpa.
  • Gohan - Gohan is Zion's father.
  • Trunks - Trunks is a good friend of Zion.
  • Goten - Uncle of Zion.
  • Pan - Sister
  • Videl - Zion's mother.
  • Vegeta - One of Zion's masters.
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Zion about to go SSJ.

Anime name Zion
Manga name Zion-Sama
Debut Goku's Grandson Rise!
Appears in Dragon Ball Raging Blast
Race Saiyan 1/2 Human 1/2
Gender Male
Date of birth 10 months after GT
Date of death None
Height 5"2
Weight 134 LBS
Address Wherever Gohan lives
Occupation Z-Fighter
Allegiance Z-Fighter
Likes Food,Soda,Training
Dislikes I don't know yet
Family Goku (Grandpa)

Gohan (Father) Videl (Mother) Pan (Sister) Goten (Uncle)

  • Chi-Chi - Grandmother of Zion.


  • Oran - Zion's cousin and son of Radittz.
  • Lizard - Zion's enenmy.
  • Broly - Zion's enemy.
  • King Italit - Zion's Enemy.
  • Void - Zion's biggest enemy.





Full Power Energy Wave

Super Explosive Wave

Super Kamehameha

Destructo Disk


Ultra Masenko

Final Masenko

Final Flash

Matrix Bomber

Mirror Canon

Solar Flash


Mastered Final Flash

Mastered Masenko

Mastered Kamehameha

Forms and Power LevelsEdit

[Saiyan Saga]Base - 84,000

[Saiyan Saga]SSJ - 138,000

More Later

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