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This a fanon character. Zantle is a Saiyan, and he is the younger brother of Turles, another saiyan. He looks very similar to turles, but he is very different from him.


Zantle was one of the few saiyans that survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta (including Goku, Broly, and Vegeta). He was sent off to a planet named "Saloontia", in an attack pod (also known as a "saiyan pod"). On this planet, he trained to be pretty above average warrior, for dbz standards. He is different from Turles because he has a hit his head as a kid, so he's good (like Goku). He is also incredibly more powerful than Turles. After he trained on "saloontia", he became able to turn into a super saiyan, and he eventually became able to turn into super saiyan 2.He can also turn into a "great ape", but later on when he comes to Earth his tail gets ripped off, preventing him from turning into a "great ape", but he regrows the tail later on.
  • Ssj5 Zantle
  • Adult ssj Zantle
  • Adult Zantle

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