The Original Legendary Zaba

The Original Legendary Zaba

The Zabas were an elite race of fighters even stronger than the Saiyans. Frieza took over their planet. Years after Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta he saw how powerful the Zabas where getting so he destroyed their planet. Only three Zabas survived their planet's explosion: Pili, his son Netta, and Gurin. However Pili was killed.


Zabas look like Humans, however they all have two color hair one main color and sploches of another color. As children they wear clothes with a cloudy pattern, and when they reach 13 they wear fire pattern clothes. They also appear younger than Humans as a 16 year old Zaba looks like a 13 year old Human.

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Released Form/Full PotentialEdit

Most Zabas have the ability to unleash their Full Potential when they get very angry while fighting.

Legendary ZabaEdit

The Legendary Zaba is a very powerful Zaba that comes every 10,000 years. It obtained by getting very angry while in the Released Form, the Zaba being pushed to his limit, and it must be at the right time (After 10,000 years).

Known Legendary ZabasEdit

  • The Original Legendary Zaba
  • Netta

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