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Alternate names Zaakuro
Debut "Look Out Below"
Appears in
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Race Unknown
  • Raiti (comrade)
  • "So what do we do now, genius? Any bright ideas?" -Zaacro
    "No I'm... pretty much fresh out of bright ideas." -
    "(sigh) We'll never get off this rock..."
    — both

    Zaacro is a pink, shapeshifting alien who appears in the Dragon Ball Z anime.



    Zaacro disguised as a Namekian

    Sometime before the Namek Saga, Zaacro ended stuck on Fake Namek. Along with his partner Raiti, he was hoping to steal Kami's spaceship while Bulma, Krillin and Gohan were journeying to Namek and arrived on Fake Namek.


    Zaacro leaps away from Bulma, Gohan and Krillin

    They almost succeed by disguising themselves as Namekians and leading them on a false Dragon Ball quest. After Raiti comes with Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma for the first three Dragon Balls, Zaacro goes with them for the Dragon Ball in the tornado, the one in the giant's castle, and the one in the ice cave (where he mysteriously vanishes). His true form is similar to Raiti's except his skin is dark pink and he is also taller. After Raiti and Zaacro reveal their true intentions, Krillin and Gohan easily defeat them, leaving them trapped on the Fake Namek.

    Special abilitiesEdit

    • Brain Drain – A technique where, connecting appendages sprouted from his head to the head of his target, Zaacro can review the memories of another.
    • Shapeshifting – Zaacro can shapeshift into another form, such as a Namekian.
    • Telekinesis – While Krillin was wondering how the two "Namekians" knew so quickly what their purpose was, Zaacro show them his magic abilities with a telekinetic show.
    • Illusions – Raiti and Zaacro can project illusions.

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