Zion "Warrior" Awesome!
180px-Kyuuri by spongeboss-d375hvm
Anime name Zion
Manga name Warrior
Alternate names Zion,No name
Debut Yet to come
Appears in Role-Playing of this wiki!
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Height 6"6
Weight 175 Lbs
Address ...
Likes Training,Fighting,Eating
Dislikes Being lazy
Family Who knows?

Warrior is OneDragonball's user character because he couldn't think of a name.Warrior is able to change his appearance at will or even over night.


  • Flight
  • Ki sense
  • Ki blast
  • Silent Assassin 13
  • Chaotic Tyrant!
  • Stardust Breaker!


  • Great Ape
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • More as I train

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