Vegeta Jr.'s Mother
Bejīta Junia no Haha
Alternate names Bulma Leigh
Madam President
Bulma's descendant
Bulma Jr.
Debut "Until We Meet Again"
Appears in
DBGT Logo.svg
Race 1/8 Saiyan - 7/8 Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 859
  • King Vegeta (Great-Great-Grandfather)
  • Dr. Brief (Great-Great-Grandfather)
  • Mrs. Brief (Great-Great-Grandmother)
  • Vegeta (Great-Grandfather)
  • Bulma (Great-Grandmother)
  • Tarble (Great-Granduncle)
  • Gure (Great-Grandaunt)
  • Trunks (Grandfather or Granduncle)
  • Bulla (Grandmother or Grandaunt)
  • Vegeta Jr. (Son)
  • Vegeta Jr.'s Mother is a character who appears one hundred years after the defeat of Omega Shenron. She is only seen at the World Martial Arts Tournament to cheer on her son Vegeta Jr. In FUNimation Entertainment's second remastered boxset, her name is stated to be Bulma Leigh in the credits of "Until We Meet Again".



    Vegeta Jr.'s mother having a conversation with Pan

    Being descended from the Brief Family, she strongly resembles her great-grandmother Bulma in face and hair color (though her actual hair texture appears to be spikier like that of a Saiyan as opposed to the naturally straight, flat-lying hair typical of the Briefs family); however, it is never specified if she is descended through Trunks or Bulla. In her only appearance, she is revealed to be the head of the Capsule Corporation, and does not know Pan, which suggests that Vegeta and Goku's descendants grew apart from each other as the years passed. The Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files state she is age 30, meaning she was born in Age 859.

    Voice ActorsEdit

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