Vargas is a low-class Saiyan born and raised on a sister Saiyan planet called Planet Markos that was dropped on his head as a baby. He nearly died from the impact. That event ruined his entire life. In his later years, Vargas' personality was truly shown. He often acted childish and dumb and this trait was still resided even in his teenage years. His parents often recognized him as a "failed experiment". That's when they decided to kill him, but when they attempted to kill him, it couldn't happen. It was soon realized that Vargas was indeed not a low-class Saiyan. He actually had abnormal genes. He somehow had the ability to go Super Saiyan! Due to his low function in mentally, he accidentally killed his own parents! King Markos(the Saiyan king at the time) was shocked at such a being able to exist. He ordered all of his men to stop Vargas. But no one was able to stop him. Vargas had no control over his mind and he created a giant, random energy sphere large enough to destroy the planet! He quickly dropped the sphere onto the ground thinking as if it were a large ball. All of the Saiyans panicked and the planet was destroyed along with everyone on it. Vargas, now dead, was sentenced to the dark abyss by the order of the leader of the souls. He was now far away from everyone and no one would have to worry about seeing dysfunctional Vargas again.

As a Saiyan, he has black spiky hair that looks like a Super Saiyan 2 and he has pure red Saiyan armor with a green undershirt. As a child, his hair isn't as high and spiky as it is later on.

The End

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