Anime name Valese
Alternate names Paresu
Debut "Baby's Arrival"
Appears in
DBGT Logo.svg
Race Human
  • Goten (Boyfriend)
  • Directory: CharactersHumans
    Valese (パレス, Paresu; lit. "Palace") is Goten's girlfriend during Dragon Ball GT. Even though Valese is naive and a bit spacey at times, she is a good person and has true feelings for Goten.


    Baby sagaEdit


    Valese and Goten

    Valese is first seen when she and Goten go out on a date. She said her previous boyfriends had never taken her out for ice cream before. Humorously, she thought she was supposed to eat ice cream cones with a spoon. Mr. Satan arrives on the scene and quickly makes a fool of himself. After Goten finds Valese face-to-face with with Baby in a human body, he fights the Machine Mutant only to be taken over. Valese then watches the possessed Goten as he flies off, calling him "mysterious."

    Super 17Edit

    Goten and Valese

    Valese with Goten

    In the Super 17 Saga, Valese is seen on another date with Goten when they are attacked by Pui Pui, a former villain who has escaped from Hell. After Goten kills Pui Pui, they are attacked by Yakon, who is killed by Trunks. After this, she witnesses Goten and Trunks killing Android 19.

    Voice actressEdit

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