Ultimate Evil
Race Unknown
Gender Male

"Hahahahaha! You cannot beat me! Just try it!"
— Ultimate Evil to Gogito

The Unnamed Evil is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball SS's Evil Saga and is one of the most powerful beings in existence (another being Gogito). The Ultimate Evil is a very mysterious character and his full powers are unknown.He does not like showing it up.


Battle Against GogitoEdit

Main article: Gogito Time!

Gogito (SSJ7)

Gogito as a Super Saiyan 7 ready to battle Ultimate Evil


Ultimate Evil shaped as Gogeta

When the Saiyan was formed, his opponent merely mocked him saying that no fusion will stop the likes of him. Unluckily for him, it took half of his power to spar evenly with the extremely powerful fusion, shocking him. The monster then powered up to full, shaking and slowly destroying the universe in process. Gogito responded by using a Final Big Bang Kamehameha, taking down the beast once in for all, restoring peace and healing the universe. The warrior then defused by will and then the two fusions defused, until only two Gokus and Vegetas remained.


Main article: Revival of the World's End

"I am here again. Reborn, in a new body!"
— Ultimate Evil

After Ultimate Evil's defeat, a "subspace rupture" came into effect. His body was able to regenerate at that time, causing a gravitational pull. Once he was back on his feet, he went to find Gogito for a rematch.

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