86668-ft breakin out super

Ultra Super Saiyan Trunks

Ultra Super Saiyan Form is achieved by weak-intermediate members of the Saiyans and Saiyan half-breed race who have a knack for achieving more power. This form adds incredible muscle mass and power and hair begins to widen up a little bit more. This form severly nulifies the user's speed, so its recommeded to use his form only in incidents such as an energy beam struggle, for an enormous boost of power.

Transformation RequirementsEdit

  • Harsh Training
  • 700,000 Power Level
  • 11 speed
  • 12 damage
  • Super Saiyan Form

Added Characteristics (From Super Saiyan)Edit

  • Use for after 15 minutes begins draining energy at rapid rate
  • Adds 9 damage
  • Decreases 10 speed
  • Adds 3,500 health
  • Adds 500,000 for 15 minutes

Ultra Super Saiyans on the WikiEdit

Scenario and Cause for TransformationsEdit

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