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"I am the lord of many galaxies, soon I'll be the lord of the universe and no one can stop me not even you."
— Ultimister to Sakae

Mystic gohan by drozdoo-d3dxa17
Alternate names Lord Ultimister
Master Ultimister
Emperor Ultimister
Race Falarsimon
Gender Male

Ultimister is the prince of planet Falarsim. He was blinded by power. All he wanted was power. His father was a kind and noble king. Ultimister killed his father in the Falarsim war and took control of planet Falarsim. He and his soldiers went to many worlds and took control of them, nobody could stop Ultimister. He killed anyone who stood in his way. He was feared by all. On his quest to control the universe he met Sakae a young Saiyan warrior. Ultimister met his end at the hands of Sakae.

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