Anime name Turtle
Manga name Turtle
Alternate names Sea Turtle
Urigome (by Goku)
Mr. Turtle (by Gohan in DBZ Kai)
Debut Manga: "Sea Monkeys"
Anime: "The Emperor's Quest"
Appears in
4 Star Dragon Ball Edit
Z Ball.svg
DBGT Logo.svg
Race Turtle
Date of birth 237 Before Age
Date of death Age 774 (revived)
Address NBI 8250012 B.
  • Future Turtle (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Master Roshi (best friend/companion)
  • Unnamed Son
  • "Master! What are you doing? Have you forgotten your code master? Please, That's wrong, dead wrong... now I understand why you couldn't ride your cloud."
    — "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi"

    Turtle is Master Roshi's friend and long-time companion. The good-natured, lovable turtle lives in Kame House with the elderly hermit.

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