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Normal Trunketa


Trunketa is the fusion of Trunks and Vegeta. He is dominated mostly by Trunks. Although his facial features mostly resemble Vegeta. He is considered the strongest fusion next to Gogeta.


Trunketa mostly resembles Vegeta due to his hair style and gaze, but he also features details from Trunks. Including his sword and bangs. His hair is black with a purplish hue to it. And he wears the vest of the Metamorese.


Trunketa has the personalities of both Trunks and Vegeta. But he mostly has the personality of Trunks. He's pretty easy-going and always ready for a good challenge. But he also has the pride of Vegeta. Just not as extreme.

The Battle With Xicor's ArmyEdit

Trunketa's first and only battle was with the evergrowing army of Xicor known as the Krasmanians. He battled diligently but was faced with defeat. But in a last ditch attempt, he went super saiyan and was able to destroy the army. Trunks and Vegeta then unfused and they all went on to battle Xicor.

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Super SaiyanEdit


Trunketa as a Super Saiyan

Trunketa used this form in order to defeat Xicor's army of Krasmanians. This form has all the noticable changesthat every super saiyan has. His hair becoms spikey and gold. But he keeps his bangs. He also has and increase in muscle mass and his power level raises drastically. His clothing has brightened also.

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