Tri piccolo
Debut "Princess Snake"
Inventor Many Fighters
Users Piccolo
Class Cloning
Similar techniques Fission

Directory: TechniquesSupportive techniquesCloning

Tri-Form is a technique in the Dragon Ball franchise. The Tri-Form technique allows its user to split into three identical duplicates to fight as a group. It is similar to the Multi-Form technique used by Tien Shinhan, which divides its user into four separate beings.

Sacrifice - Tenka

Krillin and Piccolo as they both use Tri-Form against Nappa

It made its debut in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Princess Snake's Hospitality", used by Piccolo during his training in the Break Wasteland. Piccolo and Krillin later use this technique while fighting Nappa in the episode "Sacrifice".

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