tongari tower is in thewest captital appering in videos dragonball z gaiden saiyan and dragonball z shins aiyan chikyu hen witch are adapted formt he same stroy the z warriors fight with the ghost warriors tulece slug coole firieza goku gohan picolo futrue trunks vegeta go to the tower to fin the generator and quickly discover that they cant destory the generator withc

is there it is proteceted by a powerful shield to make it disapper there gonig have defeat 4 enemies that jsut appered befor them fireza cooler slug tuullece theres four former enimes come in the form of ghost warrriors witch the power of hate form hatchiyack the warrriors of eaeth fight their fromer enemies

the z warriors battle it out with the 4 ghost and have upper hand for bit befor the bad guys turn the fight around gohan is punched in the stomach by turles who fellow up by blasting the boy in to the tower pulling has hair elbowing has stomach kciing him in the face later smacks gohan neck and hammer him in back the neck

soon gohan others become to week to even punch the ghost warriors who kick gohan goku future trunks piccolo and vegeta in to the tower one by one gohan gohan turnks vegeta piccolo get

over power lot out a yellow hit the floor dead

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