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"This ends now. I will not stand by any longer and let you hurt my friends. You hear me?! No more broken bonds. I am the light, the truth. I will end your corruption!!!"
— Thorak to Qieon

Evil gohan ssj2 by markdbz-d4bp2jb-2-

Thorak powered up preparing a Thunder Cannon

Thorak is a human that looks like Gohan at SS2. He is a powerful human. He learned ki from Gohan and Uub and trained with them. They became his mentors and he looked up to them. He looked up to Uub because he was completely human and he could turn into an Ultra Human. He looked up to Gohan because of his special abilites (as being part saiyan) and the fact that Gohan could go Ultra Human. He also looked like him. He absorbed evil energy and became stronger. Thats the reason for his white hair (His hair was originaly black). He is able to control the energy and transform into a Ultra Human. He is best friends with Plasma, Gyro and Jago. He will appear in Dragon Ball SS. But he has a strong hidden power that no one knows about...

Dragon Ball SSEdit

He is first seen at school where he first meets Plasma and Jago. He sees that they can fly and he becomes interested in using ki. Then Gohan sees this and helps him understand ki. Then Uub also comes to train and help Thorak.


His personality is a combination of Uub's and Gohan's.


Thunder Cannon- Signurature/Favorite Move- Invented by Thorak


Adult Thorak

Kamehamaha- Learned from Gohan

Aqua Blast- Invented by Thorak

Infinite Rage- Last Resort Move. Like the Kaio-Ken
M 3379138003590998-1-

Chaos Obivion- Ultimate Move

Spirit Bomb- Learned from Goku

Big Bang Attack- Learned from Jago.

Super Kamehamaha- Learned from Uub and Gohan

Ki Blast- Learned from Gohan

Galick Gun-Learned from Vegeta

Ki Flash- Learned from Uub

Flash Cannon-Learned from Plasma

Spirit Cannon-Learned from Bardock

Flight- Learned from Gohan

Negative Kamehamaha- Invented by Thorak with the evil energy


Base Form- Regular with white hair

Shadow Form- With a red aura

Shadow Form 2- With Red lightning

Ultra Human- with blue hair and sometimes lightning

Ultra Human 2

Super Thorak

Ultra Human Thorak

Ultra Human 3

Ultra Human 4

Ultra Human 5

Ultra Shadow Human/Form- Combination of Shadow Form and Ultra Human

Ultra Human 3 Thorak

Ultra Human 3 Thorak

Ultra Human 4 Thorak

Ultra Human 4 Thorak

Ultra Human 5 Thorak

Ultra Human 5 Thorak

Evil gohan vs gohan lightning by narutofan1166-1-

Thorak doing an Negative kamehamaha with Teen Gohan in the Negative Void...

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