The Start of a New Dawn
SagaNew Z Fighters Saga
Original AirdateMarch 31, 2012
Manga CounterpartUnknown
Next EpisodeA New Friend
The Start of a New Dawn is the first episode of both Dragon Ball SS and the New Z Fighters Saga. Its original release was March 31, 2012. It features the debut of Trunks Jr, his sons, Kougu and Teni and his wife, Pan.


(Kougu, Trunks Jr., Teni and Pan appear at their house.)
Teni:What now?
Pan:I'm going to put these groceries in the fridge.
Trunks Jr:Hey, Kougu and Teni, wanna train together?
Kougu and Teni:Yay!
Trunks Jr:Just don't let your mother find out.
Pan:Find out what?
Trunks Jr:Uh...nothing dear!

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