The High Price of Education
The High Price of Education
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 24
Volume: 2
Kanji Title: 亀仙人の修業料
Rōmaji Title: Kamesennin no Shugyou Ryou
Translated Title: The High Price of Education
Release Date: January 10, 1986
English Release: March 2003
Saga: Tournament Saga
Corresponding Anime episode(s): 14
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The High Price of Education (亀仙人の修業料, Kamesennin no Shugyou Ryou) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. Its anime counterpart is the first half of the episode "Goku's Rival".


The cover features Master Roshi driving a one-wheeled motorcycle. In the background, Goku is watching Roshi as he rides the Flying Nimbus.


The chapter opens with Goku flying towards Master Roshi's house, in the hopes of being trained by the man. After stopping at his own house for supplies, he continues his journey towards Kame House. When he arrives, Roshi is watching an aerobics video, not taking notice of the boy outside his house. Goku lets himself in, having to yell in Roshi's ear before he notices the boy. Goku tells the man why he is there, but he shrugs him off and tells him that there is food in the refrigerator. After his aerobics video was complete, he found Goku at the foot of the fridge, having eaten all the food. They then begin discussing Goku's training; Roshi tells Goku that his training is not free, so he must find a cute girl before he will train him. Goku takes off on Nimbus, while Roshi gets ready for his would-be date. When Goku returns, he has brought an overweight, muscular woman, much to the chagrin of Roshi.




Volume 2: Wish Upon a Dragon
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