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Takumi Hoshimaru
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Alternate names Taku
Ultimate Saiyan
Race Pure Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 1000
Date of death Age 1021 (revived)

"I won't lose, not to you."
— Takumi to Gogeit

Takumi (lit. 匠) is a Saiyan who strives to get stronger. He was born in Age 1000 on Planet Bardock. During this time, the war against King Cold on Utozek was happening. He appears in the series Dragon Ball SS and in Dragon Ball AW.He is quite powerful.


Dragon Ball SSEdit

Takumi makes his debut in Dragon Ball SS at age 13. It is mentioned that he was born in Age 1000. He was a very powerful child. He would often train with his brother, Nova, and his father. He is very friendly and kind.

Takumi's motherEdit

Takumi's mother, Videl, was killed in the war against the Saiyans. Takumi got over the loss, but vowed to get revenge. He would not let this death go freely. His rage had brought him to the Super Saiyan form.

Takumi's fatherEdit

Not much is known about Takumi's father, except that he was also killed in the Saiyan/Ice-jin war.

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