Tōru Furuya

Tōru Furuya

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Tōru Furuya (古谷 徹) is a veteran narrator and seiyū (voice actor) born on July 31, 1953 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.


As a child, he was a member of Gekidan Himawari, a children's acting troupe. He is currently employed by the talent management firm Aoni Production.

He voiced Yamcha in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Kai. From 1977 to 1986, he was a member of the Japanese band Slapstick, on drums, with the other voice actors Toshio Furukawa (rhythm guitar), Yūji Mitsuya (keyboards; replaced by Hirotaka Suzuoki in 1984), Akira Kamiya (bass), and Kazuyuki Sogabe (lead guitar).

Ryō Horikawa has described Tōru Furuya as a good friend, and said they went out to lunch on several occasions.[1]


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