This is my ultimate

Sworne XX

" I am back with a bang and now,does anyone dares to stop me?"
— - Sworne when reborned

Sworne XX is the main rival of Sun Blaze. He was sealed inside the earth and when a powerful,very powerful and huge earthquake took place,the earth's soil broke and divided into pieces from which he was born.He is a Saiyan and can absorb powers and reflect attacks. (Not main attacks e.g-Kamehameha). He, for his power is said to be unbeatable and he plays fairly.


"I am a warrior and it's not my habit to beat up opponents of no worth..."
— Sworne's ideal quote


Sworne when reborning.

After the first fight of Sworne and Sun Blaze,he loses to him and was sealed.But when he came back,he made a plan.He did not showed up immediately and took on training before challenging the Siayans once again. Sometimes he develops two swords which has unbelievable powers.



Sun's attack

"You think you can seal me forever huh?You are wrong! I will return.."
— Sworne when being sealed again

The rematch between the two good and evil Saiyans was almost world-destroying. Nobody backed down and fought with all his efforts.Sworne turned into a Saiyan level 1 and somehow managaed to upperhand Sun, But Sun also turned into a Saiyan 1 ultimate form and started a drawing match.But after a long fight, Sworne turns into a Super Saiyan and defeats Sun. But Sun returns into a Super Siayan form and some how defeats and seals him again.


I am a drone

Sworne when his armor broke but he still fought

Majiin the hand

Sun's attack destroying Sworne

"Why you....."
— Sworne when dying again

After being defeated by Sun,Sworne then even did not back down and fought with all the energy he had.Though his armor broke, he still fought with all his might and it was like a moment of being destroyed or living. Sun did not back down and managed to overcome him by using his attacks.


  • The move destroying Sworne
  • An attack which destroyed Sworne's armor
  • A move used my Sworne to protect himself
  • The move that defeated Sun but Sun stood up again
  • Sun breaks Sworn's shield
  • Sworne turns into his ultimate mode

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