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A Super Saiyan 2 is an advanced transformation reserved for intermediate members of the Saiyan and Saiyan half-breeds. Becoming a Super Saiyan 2 is achieved by an extreme emotional upheaval (far greater than a normal Super Saiyan) among Saiyans and Saiyan half-breeds. When the transformation occurs, a huge blinding gold flash occurs and nearby objects are destroyed/obliterated. The user retains his gold hair and green eyes, but the hair now becomes more firm and standing. Muscle mass is slightly increased and enormous strength and speed is withdrawn from the user's inner potenial. The user is also surrounded by a lightning aura.

Transformation RequirementsEdit

  • Extreme Emotional Upheaval
  • 1,000,000 Power Level
  • Use for after 15 minutes will begin draining energy
  • Adds 30 damage
  • Adds 30 speed
  • Adds 10,000 health
  • Required 9 speed
  • Required 10 damage
  • MUST be a Super Saiyan

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