Gogeta and Vegito by Vegeta SSJ3

Super Saiyans Gogeta and Vegito

A Super Saiyan is an advanced transformation reserved for fairly weak members of the Saiyan and Saiyan half-breeds. Becoming Super Saiyan is achieved by an extreme emotional upheaval among Saiyans and Saiyan half-breeds. The radical transformation changes hair to turn golden and eyes to turn green. Muscle mass is increased and unbelievable strength and speed is summoned from the user to fight a stronger enemy.

Transformation RequirementsEdit

  • Extreme Emotional Upheaval
  • 300,000 Power Level
  • Required 8 speed
  • Required 9 damage

Added CharacteristicsEdit

  • Use for after 10 minutes will begin draining energy
  • Adds 15 damage
  • Adds 15 speed
  • Adds 5,000 health
  • Adds 1,000,000 power level for 10 minutes

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