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Super Ginyu

Super Ginyu is the result of Captain Ginyu drinking the Transformation Potion. In this form, Ginyu's power level skyrockets to 2,000,000, rivaling Frieza's third form. With him and Frieza being good rivals, Ginyu requested a challenge from him. Frieza accepted the challenge knowing that it would be risky for him. When the battle started, the two clashed at each other with all sorts of techniques. Frieza appeared to be in bad shape, but Ginyu was standing tall and nearly unscathed. It was due to the fact that after he acquired the transformation, he gained the ability of resiliency. All of Frieza's attacks weren't that much of an impact on him. Ginyu also discovered another new perk after gaining his transformation. He acquired the Kienzan (Destructo Disk). This technique would lead to Frieza's downfall. Ginyu had thrown one at the weakened Frieza which had defeated him. With his victory, Ginyu became the universal warlord.

Acquired AbilitiesEdit

  • Resiliency - Recover easily from attacks
  • Destructo Disk - A deadly disk that cuts through anything


After drinking the potion, Ginyu becomes noticeably buffer and, oddly, wears Piccolo's attire.

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