Sun Blaze Super Saiyan

"If you think the battle is over then you are making a big mistake, it has only begun."
— Sun Blaze Super Saiyan

Sun Blaze is one of the Saiyans in this wiki and is the Prince of Ice/Water whatever you say.He has the wolf spirit inside him which if unleashed transforms him into another form of Super Saiyan. During normal Super Saiyan,Sun's hair color transforms from yellow to snow-white and if in rage, his eyes turn into yellow.


Sun Blaze during the Super Saiyan transformation is usually seen with a gray scarf and the longer remaining part of the scarf is parted on his right side.His eyes' color is bluish-gray and are little droopy while his hair is short, gray and the spikes are facing downwards. When he become a Super Saiyan, his eyes turned golden orange in color and a little more slanted. This time, the spikes in his hair face upwards and looks stiffer than before. On top of that, his voice also becomes rougher. This appearance of him shows a far more devilish side and mostly shown smirking.


Sun is a very timid person and is very gentle and kind to others also a very helpful warrior. He used to be a defender. He can be either a defender or a n attacker, and is good at both. He's very shy.He is also very hard working and as same never wants to lose.He is the best warriot he thinks and is always very confident about him and does not show off his skills.He tries to show them in battles,not by quarrels.


Sun Blaze is actually a new born Sun Blaze with a new look,new personality and new abilities.He died at and reborned as a new battler in here.When battled Zeus(an user at,he remembered everything about past and promised he would be like him again.He is much more powerful than the later period.

Super SaiyanEdit

When Sun becomes a Super Saiyan, his hair changes from platinum blonde to snow white and his eyes become yellow. When he tries to increase his power, a blue force field surrounds him.During that,his all powers and abilities increases with a whole new speed and power/energy. He can stay in this mode for infinity if he wants and this mode gives him supply of energy every second so he shall be not down.


  • Super Saiyan
  • A bid explosion made by him
  • A freezer move
  • Super Saiyan
  • Transformation from normal to rage
  • Eternal Blizzard
  • Wolf spirit
  • The ultimate hero
  • His normal mode
  • He knew Mike
  • He attacking
  • Tri-Pegasus!

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