"To be a winner,you have to give everything you have."
— Sun Blaze

Sun Blaze is one of the Saiyans. He has inside him the power of a beast named Shadow. He is a great warior with passion and does not like to lose. He is always confiedent that he will win the battle. He and his beast, who lives inside his body, can understand each others feeling. They are made for each other. He can create fire normally and ice when in Super Saiyan mode or in rage.


Sun has fiery platinum blonde hair and zigzag eyebrows, and black sharp eyes. He also has a fair skin tone. He usually looks very serious. Casually, he wears a white hoodie with an orange jacket over it, brown pants and red sneakers. He also sometimes wears a red suit coat over a white shirt, with grey combat boots over his pants.

The various eye colours he has during different periods are:

  • Normal-Black
  • Rage or Super Saiyan-Red and Yellow


He's cool and calm at most situations. He cares deeply for his friends and has a strong passion for battling.He thinks well before going on for a move He is a strong tactician who is very adaptable especially during tough points in a battle and utilizes all his senses during battles. If angered,he does what he likes and crushes everyone who comes in his way. Nobody can do anything to him duing that condition. His beast also is angered when Sun is angered. Thus, Shadow also comes in rage too which increases their power.


Sun Blaze is actually a new born Sun Blaze with a new look, new personality and new abilities.He died at and reborned as a new battler in here.When battled Zeus (an user at, he remembered everything about past and promised he would be like him again.

Super Saiyan:Edit

When Sun becomes a Super Saiyan, his hair changes from platinum blonde to snow white and his eyes become yellow. When he tries to increase his power, a blue forcefield surrounds him. During that, his all powers and abilities increases with a whole new speed and power/energy.


  • Sun Blaze normal
  • Revealing his true identity
  • A move named Defense Drive used by Sun
  • A move named Offense Drive
  • His normal move and Super saiyan move
  • Fire Fledge
  • Sun Blaze
  • His friend Mike

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