Spirit Cannon
Alternate names Supirittsu Kyanon
Debut "Rip in the Universe"
Inventor Vegito
Users Vegito
Class Energy Beam
Color       &      
Similar techniques Spirit Sword

Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy beams

Spirit Cannon (スピリッツキャノン) is a technique used by Vegito. It is very similar to the Spirit Sword technique, except the energy does not fan out like a sword. Vegito points towards his target, while preparing for the attack. It charges up, and then blasts whatever the target was.

Vegito used this technique in Dragon Ball Z to blast Super Buu's head off.

It has a slightly different effect in the Budokai series, with Vegito extending his hand towards the enemy, becoming surrounded by yellow energy and releasing a powerful sparkling golden energy blast, instead of a constant beam of energy.

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