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So That's How It Has to Be!
Android18VSVegeta 18StrikesVegeta
Alternate names Attack No.18
So That's How It Is!
Debut "Deadly Beauty"
Inventor Android 18/Future Android 18
Users Android 18/Future Android 18
Class Physical
Similar techniques Endgame

So That's How It Has to Be! (そうこなくちゃ) is a counter rush attack used by Android 18. Before the opponent attacks her, Android 18 says "That's the spirit." as she attacks the opponent with a right knee strike to their stomach. Then, she backs away and moves back in to knock the opponent to the side with a left open palm strike to the side of their head, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Android 18 used this attack during her battle against Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form. After Android 18 injured Vegeta's forehead with a headbutt, the Saiyan prince charged at the Android and punched her in the stomach. However, Android 18 was uneffected, and attacked Vegeta with the "So That's How It Has to Be!" rush, knocking him into the nearby mountain wall.


Future Android 18 uses the left open palm on Future Gohan

This attack was also used by her counterpart, Future Android 18, in the first battle against Future Gohan in the History of Trunks TV special. After her brother was knocked away by the Super Saiyan, Future Android 18 retaliated by striking Gohan with the So That's How It Has to Be!'s left open palm, knocking him into a glass window.

"So That's How it Has to Be!" was named in the Raging Blast series and is one of Android 18's Super Attacks. It is named Attack No.18 in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors.

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