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Shining Friday
Shining Friday
Alternate names Shainingu Kin'yōbi
Debut "Gohan's Rage"
Inventor Raditz
Users Raditz
Class Physical
Color       &      
Similar techniques Saturday Crush
Saturday Crash

Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy spheres

Shining Friday is a more powerful version of the Saturday Crush used by Raditz. First, Raditz raises his hand and charges purple and orange electricity. Then, he forms the electricity into a large, purplish-pink energy sphere and strikes the opponent with it, inflicting a large amount of damage.


Raditz charges the Shining Friday

Raditz attempted to use this attack to kill an unconscious Gohan after the young Saiyan injured Raditz with a powerful headbutt. Before Raditz could kill Gohan, however, Goku grabbed Raditz in a full nelson from behind, giving Piccolo enough time to kill Goku and Raditz with the Special Beam Cannon.

Shining Friday was named in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and is one of Raditz's ultimate attacks.

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