Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy spheres

Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy beams

Scatter Finger Beam
Banshee Blast
Alternate names Renzoku Kikōha
Banshee Blast
Brave Gatling
Continuous Spirit Blast Wave
Five-Finger Blast Beam
Scatter Energy Bullets
Spread Finger Beam
Debut Movies: Cooler's Revenge
Anime: "Vegito... Downsized"
Inventor Many Fighters
Users Salza
Class Energy Sphere Barrage
Color       &      
Similar techniques Brave Gatling
Death Razor
Finger Beam
Finger Blitz Barrage
Spirit Sword

Scatter Finger Beam (連続気功波, Banshee Blast) is an energy sphere barrage used by Salza, and Super Vegito. Bido uses a two handed version of this technique, the Brave Gatling.


Salza five beam

Salza fires the Scatter Finger Beam

The user leans forward and points all five fingers of his right hand at the opponent. Then, he charges up five small golden-yellow energy spheres each on the tip of each finger and finally fires the energy spheres at the opponent, inflicting a great deal of damage.


Salza's Scatter Finger Beam

Salza uses the Scatter Finger Beam against Krillin in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge. Vegito used the Banshee Blast during his battle against Super Buu with Gohan absorbed. When Super Buu had sent a wave of Super Ghost Kamikaze Attacks, Vegito fired the Banshee Blast to destroy the ghosts before they could reach him.

Scatter Finger Beam was named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, and is one of Vegito's Blast 2 attacks, along with being used by Salza. As Super Vegito, he has it as a full-powered Ki blast. It also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension under the name Scatter Energy Bullets (拡散エネルギー弾), in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury under the name Banshee Blast, in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast as one of Vegito's Super Attacks in his base form, and in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

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