Land of Korin

The Land of Korin from a distance

The Sacred Land of Korin (聖地カリン) is a village located at the base of Korin Tower. Bora and Upa live in this village.



Residents of the Sacred Land of Korin with Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Dragon Ball GT

The Sacred Land of Korin is very similar to a regular Native American village. Captain Yellow of the Red Ribbon Army once set up a camp here in order to retrieve the Four-Star Dragon Ball. It is shown that a volcano is in this area in the anime, and Captain Yellow's soldiers were searching the Four-Star Dragon Ball in this volcano.

Boo and Gohan

Gohan battles Super Buu at Barren Wasteland

The Sacred Land of Korin is also the homeland of Bora, who defeats Captain Yellow's soldiers there. When Goku arrives in the Sacred Land of Korin, he saves Upa from Captain Yellow and destroys his airplane, thus killing the Red Ribbon Army captain. Then, Mercenary Tao arrive in the land sent by the Red Ribbon Army, and easily kills Bora. Goku battles and defeats Mercenary Tao here, and after retrieving all the Dragon Balls, he summons Shenron in the Sacred Land of Korin and Upa wishes for the resurrection of his father.

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