The Red Ribbon Army Symbol

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The Red Ribbon Army (レッドリボン軍, Reddo Ribon Gun), briefly renamed Black Ribbon Army when Staff Officer Black took over in the Dragon Ball anime, is a paramilitary crime organization in the Dragon Ball manga and anime. They are mentioned in Dragon Ball Z during the Android Saga, and make their final anime appearance in Dragon Ball GT.


Dragon BallEdit


Leaders of the Red Ribbon Army

Officially led by a diminutive Commander Red, the goal of the Red Ribbon Army was to use any means necessary to obtain the Dragon Balls and wish for world takeover; yet, Commander Red secretly planned his wish for him to be a much taller person. Since he was a very short in size, he despised being around those who were taller than him, telling Black constantly not to stand near him.

When Staff Officer Black found out about Red's plan, as well as his willingness to destroy his own army to achieve this plan, he killed the commander and took control of the Red Ribbon Army and, in the anime, re-named the organization the Black Ribbon Army. The entire army was defeated when a young boy named Goku sought to stop the army's evil ways by infiltrating the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, killing Black in the midst.


The command room of the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters

Master Roshi mentioned in the Androids Saga that after its defeat, the Red Ribbon had been forgotten, except for a few people. Also noted, that during the Androids Saga and the Cell Saga, the people on Earth don't know that the Androids and Cell were created by Dr. Gero and are from the Red Ribbon Army, except for Goku and his friends.

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