Prilin, the hypothetical fusion between Piccolo and Krillin

Prilin (ピリリン, Piririn) is a goof and hypothetical fusion between the characters Krillin and Piccolo.



Piccolo and Krillin demonstrating the fusion dance to Trunks and Goten

Since Krillin and Piccolo are seen to perform the Fusion Dance as a demonstration for Goten and Trunks, Akira Toriyama drew a hypothetical fusion between the two characters as a goof. This fusion was simply a drawing and never made it to the manga or the anime, part of the reason is suggested to be that Piccolo and Krillin's bodies are not similar enough to actually create a fusion through this technique, and that him being created through the Potara would be more likely. Prilin's abilities and powers are unknown, and have never been elaborated on.



Prilin on a scan

Like all Metamoran fusions, Krillin and Piccolo's fusion posesses the clothes of the Metamorans. This consists of a black vest and baggy white pants. Prilin is seen to have Krillin's short stature with Piccolo's eyes, skin color and pointy ears. Like Krillin, he also is seen with no nose and six incense burns on his forehead.


  • By the time fusion is introduced, Krillin already had hair. However, since Namekians lack hair, it is possible that the trait was omitted from the fusion.
  • He resembles both Garlic Jr.'s henchman Ginger as well as a Saibaman.

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