Appears in CN's Fanon
Race Saiyan/Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death None
Height 5'11
Weight Unknown
Address Unknown
Occupation Being Awesome
Allegiance People who eliminate weaklings
Orimaru Is a Saiyan, Human hybrid. Orimaru was born during the time of GT, to an unknown Saiyan father, and a human mother. He became a Majin when he showed weakness, and Babidi thought he had let his guard down, He simply controlled the power of the Majin and embraced it. Babidi saw and understood that he failed and he simply increased Orimaru's power. Through anger Orimaru became a Super Saiyan, and learned to control and increase his powers.


Orimaru is quite cocky, and arrogant, but won't stop to tell a joke. He would like people to recognize his powers, and since people would swipe him aside he turned cold, which lead to him becoming a Majin. Orimaru soon became cold, confident, and an utter jerk.  He is normaly has a serious look on his face, and doesn't tolerate stale jokes. But again, Orimaru became his confident, modest, cocky self, just the way he liked it.


Orimaru has some bulk, be a tall strong build up over all. He has dark purple hair, Almost like Trunks, and was short untill he hit his grouth spourt, at age 17. He also tends to flex around girls, due to his younger cocky attitude as a youngster. 

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