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Now It's My Turn!
Alternate names Crasher Buu
Now I'm Going Next!
Debut "Super Moves of Gotenks"
Inventor Super Buu
Users Super Buu
Class Physical

Now It's My Turn! (今度こそ俺の番だ!) is a rush attack used by Super Buu. First, Super Buu says "Now it's my turn!" and attacks the opponent with a headbutt to their face. He then double slaps the opponent and kicks them up into the air. Finally, Super Buu teleports behind the opponent and backflip kicks them on their back before double punching them away, inflicting a great deal of damage.

Super Buu used this attack during his battle against Super Saiyan Gotenks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. After Super Buu broke free of Gotenks' Galactic Donut, Gotenks was at first frightened, but he pretended to believe that Super Buu's attacks were predictable. However, Super Buu countered by saying that Gotenks would have been more ready if he already knew that. Super Buu then attacked Gotenks with the "Now It's My Turn!" rush, knocking him (and Piccolo) into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber entrance center.

"Now It's My Turn!" was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and is one of Super Buu's Super Attacks. It is named Crasher Buu in Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors.

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