Appears in DBUW
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of death During Gohan's Birth
Height 5'11
Noku is the cousin of Goku. He died during the time Gohan was born.

He had been a warrior that killed people for a price, sadly He had lost his life to Broly but had learned many powerful techniques In his life time, and was equal to the power of SSJ2 at his full power. He was very special for a technique that let him transform his look, He had transformed Into Goku (Power Level Not affected) But was stuck, and killed In the form.


He has black hair, broad shoulders, big legs, But he mostly has traits of Goku. He could transform from being a small kid (Size of Gohan SSJ2) To his larger normal form. He is a pure blood Saiyan and has a great ape form. He is one of many that has trouble controlling it. He can take the form of anybody, but his power level is not affected by the form.

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