Netta is a 16 year-old Zaba. He is rivals with Gotek. His father saved himself and him from the destuction of their planet. One day, when Netta was 6 years old,he witnessed his father getting killed by Broly during the Evil Saga of Dragon Ball SS Netta knew he was a Saiyan and from that day he vowed to kill all Saiyans.


Kid Netta

Kid Netta suprised.


Teen Netta

As a child he has hair like kid Gohan, but it is yellow with some red. As a teen he has hair like teen Gohan, but it is yellow with slightly more red and what looks like lightning in his hair. As a child he wears clothes with a cloudy pattern, as a teen he wears clothes with a fire pattern.


Released FormEdit

Netta Released Form

Netta in his Released Form

In his released form his hair spikes up like a Super Saiyan 2 and he gets lightning in his eyes. Lightning also runsthrough his clothes.

Legendary ZabaEdit

In his Legendary Zaba form he gets all white eyes, a green aura, and longer hair.

Netta Legendary Zaba

Netta Legendary Zaba


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