Supreme Piccolo

"An ambition becomes a goal when action is taken towards it's achievement."
— Supreme Piccolo

Supreme Piccolo,Is the most powerful Namek. His look doesn't change like all that, but his powers are completely different and more powerful than ever was. He also develops Saiyan powers when he gains this mode. His attacks also get more powerful, and his speed also increases. Though he is not unbeatable, still, he is able to transform into a Super Saiayn 3!


"Now I am enough"
— Supreme Piccolo


After training

Piccolo concentrates and starts training very hard. He almost kept on training for one year and after that,he developed powerful attacking skills, more powerful attacks, skill to Instant Transmission, and also power to do the Kame-hame-Ha! Piccolo developed confidence in him and became the most powerful Namek ever.

Fight with Broly:Edit


Piccolo fights Broly

"I will fight until I die.."
— Supreme Piccolo

After living in hell,Piccolo meets Broly and Broly starts fighting him.Broly was surprised when Piccolo easily takes the upperhand.Broly turns Super Saiyan and starts beating Piccolo.But Piccolo also forms into Super Saiyan and starts beating Broly.When Broly missed his chance,Piccolo used his Kame-hame-Ha and almost killed Broly.But Broly managed to survive.He uses his attacks.Piccolo dodges it.At last,he wins,but founds all the evil in the hell flying towards him....


"I will be happy to die like this."
— Supreme Piccolo


Piccolo tired of fighting



After defeating Broly, Piccolo starts figting all the others but he was tired and tried his every chance but he was killed at last, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself on the earth!

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