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— Mystic Shenron commenting on his new form

Mystic Shenron
Race Dragon
Gender Male

Mystic Shenron is the name given to the most powerful version of Omega Shenron. He was created when he avoided death by Goku's Universal Spirit Bomb by teleporting away from the massive attack's range, filling the ball up with evil energy and absorbing it within himself. His power is unrivaled, even in elite standards and widely believed a top candidate for strongest villain. He is destroyed by Gogito in an epic battle across the universe.


Mystic Shenron was born in an alternate dimension to the ending of Dragon Ball GT. Kid Goku was ready with his unstoppable Universal Spirit Bomb with Omega Shenron in its destrcutive range. Then our mini-hero launched his most powerful attack at Omega. Before the giant sphere of energy descended on his fate, Omega teleported out of the Spirit Bomb's path. He appeared above Goku, who was too weak to move a muscle, let alone defend himself. With a mighty blow, Omega lashed the young Saiyan into his own attack. As Goku fell helplessly towards his own ultimate attack, his power was absorbed by the Spirit Bomb because he was no longer part of it. After absorbing the Saiyan's huge power, the Spirit Bomb doubled in size, reaching enormous proportions.

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