Musou Tensei's First State

Musō Tensei
(無想転生, Nil-Thought Rebirth) is the ultimate "technique" that is used by Rasetsu. It is described as being the "sheer antithesis and superior counterpart" to a Super Saiyans power. Musou tensei is a ridiculously difficult technique to master and it works by manifesting itself as a transformation. It is said that only one who embraces the true nature of sorrow can awaken its power. Rasetsu was the first man in The Martial Arts 1800 year history to learn Musō Tensei during the epic struggles against his friends and great rivals. Musō Tensei allows the user to achieve a state of "nothingness", impervious to physical attacks, and commune with the souls of fallen rivals, amongst other abilities.

Usage & PowerEdit

Musou Tensei can potentially allow the user "infinite strength and speed" literally making power levels a non factor. It was made as a weapon for humans to use as an answer to the transformations taken on by exceedingly strong Saiyans so as to no longer be looked down upon by them. To know Muso Tensei is to know absolute sadness beyond all other emotions. Beings in existance only use 20 percent of their brain and bodies full capacity, but Muso Tensei unrestricts the body allowing them to use the full 100 percent of their capacity at one time. This results in explosive augmentation of both strength and speed, and allows the user to attack with any amount of power they can imagine, due to the fact that their brains limiters have been unlocked allowing to force as much power out of their brains core as they like and channeling it through their body. Enemy attacks are also no longer capable of reaching the enemy due to the immense upheaval of power in the bodies electromagnetic fields, causing them to bounce of and redirect harmlessly.

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