Mark o

Mike Mamorou

"Don't give up!That's my thinking for which I win!"
— Mike Mamorou

Mike Mamorou is a human, just like others,but also unique from others. You will think that is weird, right? Well, he is a human with some special powers. It's Shenron who granted him to contain power. He's not too strong, but not too weak. He is very helpful and always tries to help the Saiyans.


"I only think about winning.."
— Mike Mamorou

Mike serious

Mike thinking

When Mike's family were shifting their house,Mike found a diary of his Grandpa.His Grandpa wrote about Dragon Balls.Mike thought about it fo a long time.But,he decided to gather them and at last wished to be powerful than other humans.His wish came true and thus,he became acquainted with the Saiyans or Z fighters.



Mike happy that Goku will train him

"I am a fighter and I will keep on fighting!"
— Mike Mamorou

Mike learnt his skills from his Grandpa.He used to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament and seeing Goku,he made a statue of his and started training.Goku,seeing his eagerness,started training him.

Battle with Cell and Freiza:Edit


Cell and Freiza

"Nice move...."
— Mike Mamorou

One day,Mike was walking in an unconscious mind when suddenly he fell into a hole.When he woke up,he found himself in hell.Suddenly two energy attacks came towards him but Mike blocked them.Then Cell and Freiza arrived from nowhere and started fighting him with no reason.Mike also fought them and both Cell and Freiza were defeated.But he was smashed by Buu.


Mike fireball knuckle


Mike started fighting Buu with all his power.Suddenly,a hole opened and Gohan,Trunks,Goten and Vegeta arrived.Goku arrived lately.But they started defeating Buu,Cell and Freiza.Mike also launched his Fireball Knuckle and togther defeated the evils.In this way,he managed to survive.

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