Meztro is part of an unknown race, and he is a special elite from the Glaxica Army. He is the leader of his team, and is also the strongest by a long shot. He works for his master, who is controlling the universe, Glaxica.


He is serious most of the time, but he'll act immature when he is on break or teasing a lower level officer. He fears Glaxica because she has killed her elite teams in the past because they failed her.

He helped enslave his own planet, just for the joy of battle. He is sometimes confused with a Saiyan, in which case he either kills the person on spot or he beats them to near death.


As a young boy he killed a kid with his bare hands. He was singled out as an outcast from that point on. When he finally could leave his planet he did, and the first planet he landed on happened to be a planet that was currently being taken over by Glaxica's forces. When met with her Super Elites he killed them, and he had no training in energy weaponry.(That he stole from lower class warrior bodies that were dead.) And his bare hands, with no ki blasts of his own, he beat her Super Elites and she offered him a job, and he accepted.

He told her of his planet's rich minerals, and some of the technology they have. He also told her how weak most of them are. They attacked his planet and he killed thousands of his own people.

As he got older he gained his own special force, and became the leader of his team. He got his own armor, that he designed for himself.

Special Abilities and WeaponsEdit

  • Flight-Ability to fly with ki and jets
  • Ki Blast-Simplest form of Ki Attacks
  • Super Ki Blast-A more powerful very of a Ki Blast
  • Spinning Orbiter-A sphere of energy that he sends out and spins around his opponent and then crashes into them, and blowing up
  • Energy Swords-A sword created out of pure energy, that can be created by his own ki or energy from his suit
  • Round Retriever-A non ki attack. Made up of two jabs to the chest, a upper cut to the chin, a left hook, and then a round-house kick to the left side of the head while the opponent is falling to the ground. And then finishing it off with a Spinning Orbiter.
  • Super Explosion-Is a ki attack, in which he charges all his energy and releases it at once. Like in setting off a bomb. He releases it from his entire body.

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