"You beat me every time in every one of my forms. Let's see you against my ultimate form."
— Meta-Broly to Super Saiyan Goku

Race 1/2 Android, 1/2 Saiyan
Gender Male
Family Paraguas (Late Father)
  • Meta-Broly didn't come into existence, as Dr.Gero was dead by the time Broly was killed. This form (although nonexistant) is built around his Legendary Super Saiyan form, so he only has access to this form. In this form, Broly has the power of an android and of a LSSJ, making him match and almost exceed the power of SSJ3. This is because his energy replenishes itself at an unimaginably rapid rate. However unlike the real Broly, Meta-Broly is completely cleared of his mind, and is not insane. However like his real form, he shares a vendetta against Goku. He is the second most powerful form of Broly, next to Majin Broly.


    — Meta-Broly before his death

    After he was created, he went on a rampage, terrorizing the citizens of Earth. Eventually he ran into Goku, who was perfecting his Super Saiyan 3 form. He shouted KAKAROT and frothed at the mouth. Goku was stunned but nevertheless punched him in the face, teleporting them to a faraway planet with no life. The two began fighting SSJ 2 Goku vs. Meta-Broly, and they seemed most evenly matched. But being Half-Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly's power continued to grow steadily and his Android 'heritage' supplied him with a full arsenal of energy after every move he made. Soon, Goku found himself being in a bad dream. Before Meta-Broly started becoming too powerful, he transformed into a SSJ 3. At this form, he started taking control of the fight and smashed Meta-Broly. But the powerful entity was far from finished, and prepared an Ultimate Omega Blaster. After telling Goku it has the potential to destroy the whole galaxy, he fires it. And then Goku woke up