Master Sword

The Master Sword, (マスターソード), is a sword that's a mix between riptide form percy jackson, and the similarly named master sword from the legend of zelda. that has nearly the same physical appearance as the X Sword. It was used many times throughout Dragon Ball SS. It starts out as a pen. When uncapped, it morphs into a single-edge blade with a winged hilt. Once the cap touches the point of the blade, it turns back into a pen.



"Seems good. Too bad I'm not the one using it."
Gogito giving a description of the Sword

The Master Sword.


Sword SagaEdit

Main article: List of Episodes the Master Sword appeared in


Teenage Kougu stops Frieza from trying to control the Dark Tuffles

The Master Sword made its debut in the episode Slash and Cover in the Sword Saga.As Kougu tried to defeat the Dark Tuffles with the sword, he had trouble. The Tuffles were overwhelming him. He jabbed the sword into the ribs of a Tuffle and it burst into flames, engulfing everything around it.

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