The Makyo Star

Makyo Star is a planet, and the source of power for all Makyans, especially Garlic Jr. It is shown only in the anime during the Garlic Jr. Saga of Dragon Ball Z.


The Makyo Star seems to be moving through space, and once every 5,000 years, it passes close to Earth, coinciding with an alingment of several stars, which power all the Makyan demons inhabiting Earth.


The Makyo Star near Earth

It was because of the Makyo Star getting close to Earth that Garlic Jr. was able to escape the Dead Zone. When it got even closer to Earth, Garlic Jr., Spice, and Vinegar were able to buff up and become stronger, after being beaten by Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. It was extremely close to Earth by the time Garlic Jr. reopened the Dead Zone, but Piccolo knew from Spice that it was Garlic Jr.'s source of power, and so he told Gohan to blow it up. Gohan attacked and destroyed the Makyo Star with the Golden Dome Attack, draining Garlic Jr.'s energy and causing him to be sucked back into the Dead Zone for all eternity.

Known ResidentsEdit

The Makyo Star's destruction

The Mayko Star's destruction


  • In Japanese Buddhism, Makyo is the realm of demons.
  • The fact that it travels through solar systems, instead of bound by a central force of gravity, implies that the Makyo Star is a rogue planet.
  • There are a couple variations on the approximate timeframe in which the Makyo World (Star) passes close to the Earth (one dub says 10,000, another 12,000), but simply by watching the Dragon Box version of the Garlic Jr. Saga in Japanese w/ English subtitles, it is "five-thousand years", which is the correct translation from the original Japanese audio. Of course, neither being an original creation of Akira Toriyama, or in the manga itself, it does not really matter which number is used as the events are not on the official "Dragon Ball Timeline" in either case.
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