Homeworld Makyo Star
Average Height Similar to Humans
Diet Fruit[1]
Sapience Level Sapient

Makyans (Makyo-seijin; also referred to as "the Serpent race" in the English dub) were the natives of the Makyo Star before its destruction prior to the series.


Initially, the Makyans were only a handful of members, and among them were Garlic and Garlic Jr Garlic was the notable creator of a portal to the Dead Zone.

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Transformed Makyans

Features of Makyans vary, but of their most common traits are pointed ears and fangs. They have a natural transformation which causes extreme growth of the body and an increase in strength, seen in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone and the Garlic Jr. Saga. All Makyans that appeared were evil and violent, though it is unknown if this is common among the species.


Garlic Jr. after his defeat

At some point Garlic's ancestors came to Earth, and Garlic eventually competed with the Nameless Namekian for guardianship of the planet, but was denied the position by former guardian due to his evil ambitions for the Earth, which eventually led to him attempting to take the position by force and being sealed up for the remainder of his life. Garlic Jr. emerged a few hundred years later and twice attempted to avenge his father by killing Kami and fufilling his father's dark dreams of ruling the Earth, only to find himself trapped inside the Dead Zone both times.

The whereabouts of any other survivors of the Star's destruction is unknown.

Known MakyansEdit


Leaders GarlicGarlic Jr.
Three Lords GingerNickySansho
Spice Boys MustardSaltSpiceVinegar
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