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Majin Vegetto

Majin Vegito prepares to fight King Cold.

"What do you call a Majin Vegeta and Kaka-I mean, Goku? Majin Vegito sounds good."

Majin Vegito is the what-if result of a Potara Earring fusion between Majin Vegeta and Goku.


Appearing just like Super Saiyan Vegito, the only noticeable difference is the "M" on his forehead and the crooked smile.


"Hey, Majin Buu. Guess what? I'm going to kill you!"

Majin Vegito is crazy and psychopathical, indicated by the way he speaks. He is about as evil as Majin Vegeta was, but feels compassion for his friends and family.


"Death is knocking on your door. Too bad that I let him in for you."

In a what-if universe, Majin Vegeta never uses Final Explosion and gets a Potara Earring from Goku. They fuse together to form the ultimate warrior. He manages to put up a fight with Majin Buu and defeats him narrowly with a Final Kamehameha wave




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