Majin Gogeta
Race 1/3 Majin, 1/3 Saiyan, 1/3 Fusion
Gender Male

"This power...I've never felt anything like it. This is....AMAZING!"
— Gogeta marveling at his new Majin powers.

Majin Gogeta was created when Babidi found and hypnotized the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Gogeta's power had multiplied by 10x. He caused terror throughout the world and was then confronted by Super Vegito.

Fight With VegitoEdit

Majin gogeta ssj4 by db own universe arts-d39djm2-1-

Gogeta charges the "This is Your End!" attack

"Death is knocking at your door, too bad I'll have to let him in for you..."
— Vegito to Gogeta.

Now challenged by Vegito, Gogeta charges up a "This is Your End!" attack and fires. Vegito transforms into a Super Saiyan 4 before the blast hits him. Vegito survives the attack and continues the battle with Gogeta.

Majin VegitoEdit


Vegito before getting hypnotized

"Just great, he's too strong. I'll have to go Super Saiyan 5..."
— Vegito

As Vegito starts the transformation, Babidi appears and hypnotizes him, as well. Vegito decides to continue the fight with Gogeta and see which Majin Fusion is the strongest.

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