Majin Baby

"I never really learnt how to give up? And I think I will learn it by the fall of the Saiyans!"
— Majin Baby

Majin Baby is the result of the fusion between Baby Vegeta and Majin Boo. Actually, Boo tried to control him and he found Baby unwilling to do so. They started fighting and as Boo got a chance he took control over him and transformed into his great form of Majin Baby. He is a sort of unstoppable.



Buu when absorbed Cell and Freiza.

"I can take all the Saiyans together! Bring it on.."
— Majin Baby

When Buu and Baby met in hell, Buu realised if he can take control over his body, he can gain the ultimate powers and defeat the Saiyans. At first, he took control over Cell and Freiza. After that,he transformed into a very powerful mode.After that, he challenged Baby. Baby accepted that challenge and began to fight. Sometimes, Buu took the upper hand or sometimes Baby did, But at last, Buu went inside Baby's body and took control over him.



Majin Baby at first


At last success

After being controlled by Buu, Baby's body became very powerful. Buu named it Majin Bab, but at first, Buu was not able to control over his body,but gradually, he powered up and found success in this combination. When he got full control, he easily opened the hell gate and went to earth. His ki was very strong and contained unbelievable strength. When he started hunting the Saiyans, Trunks was found first.

Battle with the Saiyans:Edit


Trunks fights Majin Baby but in vain


Gohan returns

"The mighty buu has returned.."
— Majin Baby

Majin Buu fights with Trunks. Trunks turns Super Saiyan and starts fighting with all his strength but to no avail. With the combination of this power, Majin Buu easily defeated him.Then came Gohan, but he also tried hard but in vain. Buu laughed and almost killed them with his Dark Enhance Beam.



Gogeta returns


Gogeta ss4

"Why?It's not fair!"
— Majin Baby when being defeated

Buu was laughing on Gohan and Trunks when a huge explosion happened. Buu could not understand anything and found Gogeta standing before him.Gogeta started fighting very hard.But it was like a draw match.He turned into Super Saiyan 3 and started to take the upper hand, but gradually, Majin Buu also revealed his true power. As there was no choice,Gogeta turned Super Saiyan 4. With all his power, he immediately released his Big Bang Kamehameha and killed Buu.

Killing Buu

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