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Magu Magu Goku

Magma Goku (Magma Fist building up)

Magma Goku, or Magu Goku is Son Goku created using the power of Magma. He came into existance when he fought the Villains in Hell. Stressed, Goku was overpowered and thrown into a volcano, and there, he absorbed Lava and heat, which turned him into Magma Goku. Unlike his more serious counterpart and his calmer counterpart, he is very impatient and does not take jokes easily, but he likes to jiggle his titties, but not before going super saiyan poopoo.


Goku's apperance is changed drastically. His hair becomes spikier and gains different shades of red, yellow and orange. His eyes becomes a light orange, and his eyebrows turn yellow.


Since Magma Goku has Magma powers, he gains numerous attacks and abilities. He can choose to melt down his opponents by touching them, or raising the temperature to unimaginable levels while charging his energy. He gains numerous new abilities, such as:

  • Magu Kamehameha--Goku fires a fast, but much more powerful and bigger, red and black Kamehameha, which can either destroy or burn down anything.
  • Magma Doom--Goku turns his hand into Magma, and fires a large Magma Kamehameha into the air, which comes down as large chunks of lava.
  • Magma Fist--Goku's arm (doesn't matter which) turns into lava, and Goku can use it as a normal fist, or as a whip weapon.
    280px-MAGMA Goku

    Magma Goku with his Magma Fist.

  • Magma Bomb--Goku creates a Spirit Bomb, which is infused with Magma powers. It becomes dense, and when fired, is so strong that it can make the Sun turn into a Super Nova, maybe even destroy a Black Hole.
  • All his other attacks.
  • Regeneration--Goku can regenerate from all attacks, but does not get stronger, as he is already as strong as he can be.

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